Listen to samples from Renaissance Recordings

What if I told you that in Austin, Texas, far beneath the hipsters and the gourmet food trucks, around the corner from the ten zillion shitkicking rock and roll bars, far from the gigantic, soulless corporate campuses, and just out of range of the obnoxious party blasting Skrillex, a classically trained musician, producer and engineer who studied under the tutelage of Tim Palmer (who’s worked with... Mark Knopfler, Robert Plant, David Bowie and Pearl Jam, to name a few) had an affordable, independently run little studio packed full of top-notch gear including unbelievable amps and instruments?  What if I told you that this studio was specifically designed with a punk rock sensibility in mind and a dedication to keeping local, indie businesses thriving in Austin, and that owner Austin Corley is so dedicated to helping cool, local musicians get their stuff out there, from punk to reggae to rock and roll, that he’s willing to give discount prices to good bands just for the opportunity to help them see their vision through?  Have I piqued your interest?  Yeah.  I thought so.  Austin, Texas may have everything under the sun, including a truck that sells doughnuts topped with fried chicken, but in a musical culture so obsessed with disposable hipsterdom, a dedicated pro who sticks to what he loves is a rare find.

Austin Corley graduated from the Berklee College of Music with degrees in Music Production & Engineering, and Music Business & Management.  He also plays the bass and even dabbled in the French horn back in high school.  He’s well versed in jazz harmony, classical harmony and counterpoint.  I don’t know exactly what all that means, but the gist of it is that he’s a fucking consummate professional with a far reaching breadth of knowledge.  Austin’s heroes include Bill Stevenson, Matt Allison, J Robbins, Jerry Finn and Ryan Greene, but let me tell you this: none of those motherfuckers can play the French horn…I don’t think.  Look, that’s not the point.  The point is, Austin built his own studio. He’s a virtuoso musician who knows his way around two highly disparate instruments.  He’s a punk rocker.  He went to the best school in the world for production and engineering, and his influences are unimpeachable.  In short, this is the guy who’s gonna be churning out the Punk In Drublics and the Goddamnits of the next generation of punks, a pro who genuinely wants to help young bands with limited resources reach their potential.  And he’s brought a shit ton of amazing equipment with him to help him do it.

Renaissance is a one-room studio, packed with classic and state of the art gear and top of the line instruments.  Corley runs Pro Tools HD and has literally everything you could possibly need to record in-house.  He’s got Les Paul Customs, Marshall JCM900, Mesa Boogie, and Orange heads, SansAmps and Ampeg tube heads, a Canadian maple DW signature series kit (fuck, just check out the exhaustive gear list) and he can even lend his ear to help you figure out how to best maximize the punch of the chorus of your tune.  You can literally come into Renaissance with half a song and no gear and walk out with a hit.  And it’s cheap!  What else do you need? (Answer: there is literally nothing else you could possibly need).

Listen, most affordable studios don’t have shit to offer besides a fat guy with a burrito, a big gulp of diet Mr Pibb and a shitty attitude, hitting record for a paycheck.  Renaissance is a state of the art facility with an enthusiastic, dedicated, classically trained producer, willing to work for the love of the project and even set you up with kick ass guitars and amps in the event that your own gear totally blows (face it, your gear blows).  It’s as close to a rock and roll fantasy camp as you can get without giving Brett Gurewitz a blowjob.  Book your time now at info@renaissancerecordings.com!