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Bear Suit Sucker Punch - Polka King

Bear Suit Sucker Punch

Polka King

Released June 10, 2013
\"We are very excited and honored to be a part of this project with Door County Brewing Company in honor of a true Door County legend, Freddie Kodanko (AKA the Polka King). They wanted us to write this song for the release of their new beer, the Polka King Porter, and with our history in Door County and love of craft beer, of course we had to jump on it! Growing up there, I do remember Freddie a little, but I was fairly young and didn’t know him personally. Talking with my dad I actually found out that all of our wooden crates that we still have today were made by Freddie which I had never known before! I also found a chapter in Norbert Blei’s book Door Way all about him to be a good resource. Anyway, make sure to check out the Polka King Porter and give a listen to the song (preferably at the same time for maximum dancing!)\"

Music: Hans
Lyrics: Hans/Tyler
Recording/Mixing: Austin Corley- Renaissance Recordings
Mixing/Mastering: Rob Polaris